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The wearable communicates with a small Smartpad

The Smartpad looks like an electric clock to the patient. It picks up strings of measurements from the wearable when the patient passes by the Smartpad. It is simple and unobtrusive.

Our specialist APIs (or programs) reside on the wearable and on the Smartpad They transfer the collected data to a secure server and the API then wipes the Smartpad.


Security is critical for us and for the confidence of our patients

As you would expect, we use encrypted transmission of data and locked-down storage of data. We have the highest level of security.

However, we go further. There is no link to a patient’s record on the database. It is completely anonymous. In fact, if you saw the data it would be meaningless, just strings of numbers separated by a comma with a timestamp.


Taking your pulse in a doctor’s surgery is not perfect as it can be higher than when you parked your car because you are anxious or you rushed into the surgery. However, as an indicator it is all that the doctor requires.

It’s the same with a wearable on your wrist. It will not be as accurate as an ECG or, to a lesser extent, a chest wearable. However, it is invaluable as a gauge of the tiny changes between multiple readings over a long period of time. It’s the deviation of change that is interesting to collate statistics, or indeed predict trends.

As an interesting aside, in our work the accuracy deviation is small. We work with patients recovering from an operation. The deviation would be much larger if we were measuring an athlete.